The Hub Family Core

SFI Australia are proud to present the Site Entry Hub Family. 

The Hub Family Core

Return to your worksite safely!

Getting your workplace

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Safety Practices

 Temperature checks in the workplace

Hire Pricing Table

  • Core Model
  • Platinium Model
  • Premium Model
  • Site Entry Booth
Site Entry Hub: Booth​

Site entry Booth


Ideal for placement under existing shelters, prior to turnstiles or placement around site.​

  • Detection
  • Identification
  • Preparation
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Core Model

Core, Site Entry Hub

Insured, fever detection, air conditioning, rain sensor

  • Detection
  • Identification
  • Preparation
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  • Anywhere in Australia
  • Safety on Site
  • touchless control
  • Safety Plan

126 public rent points in
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  • Victoria (12)
  • Perth (34)
  • NSW (8)
  • NT (7)
  • TAS (78)
  • QLD (45)

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  • Face Mask Detection
    Face Mask Detection
  • Face Mask Detection
  • Face Mask Detection
    Face Mask Detection
  • Face Mask Detection
    Face Mask Detection
  • 01


    The Site Entry Hub is an independent and self sufficient all-in-one entry system. The three main principles of​ Identification​ Detection ​ Preparation​ Eliminates the need for temporary and labour intensive fixes.
  • 02

    Fever Detection

    Fast and accurate fever detection stage-gate incorporated into the entry process. Therapeutics Goods Approved (TGA) technology - an essential part of a COVIDSafe work plan.
  • 03


    Incorporated identification system through RFID, scan or facial recognition. Connectivity to existing ID system and data driven record keeping for contact tracing and site records.
  • 04

    Prepare to enter

    Entry preparation through PPE dispensing, sanitisation, questionnaire and alcohol/drug screening. ​
  • 05

    Agile installation & designed tough

    Plug and play technology. temporary or permanent installation that takes only minutes. Transportable to any site for and reinforced design designed for the demanding Australian conditions (including cyclone rated XX).
  • 03

    Access control

    Control system only allows entry after programed stage gates are passed. ​

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